Dear JetBrains. Don't mess with your UI.

So we have yet a new UI overhaul. This time, bringing consumer-grade UI practices to the world of professionals.


New Jet Brains interface

We're professionals. We can handle the complexity and the density of the current UI. You made a contract with us about what the UI would be like for a foreseeable future. A user interface is like an API for your eyeballs. Your vision system expects things in a certain place. The way we revise APIs, we ought to do the same with UIs. The cost of changing anything even if it is objectively better through whatever A/B testing you've done, has to also account for the breakage of the contract it has made over years of daily usage. The bar needs to be really high.

So, what have we got here? Oh, the usual. Honest to god, I was playing bingo the moment I saw the headline on Lobsters. It is going to be something along these lines:

A double whammy. Not only are they breaking the UI, but they're also doing it for all the wrong reasons.

A bit of spanking is needed in this space and I won't apologize for this rant. I don't know what to say anymore because I am not only disappointed that my favorite coding tool is being destroyed, but also that the typical consumer-grade UI non-sense is being bought by other professionals. Reading comments elsewhere, I am in the minority here.

Off my chest. Goddamn it, I love PyCharm. What now? vim + FreeBSD?

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