Favorite Perfumes

A quick condensed list based on over 15 years of exploration in the world of perfumery. I didn't include obvious classics such as Polo Green and Aramis. If I were to pick 3 perfumes to wear for life, it would be: Hermes Bel Ami, Chanel Antaeus and Serge Lutens Chergui. Absolutely insane what's possible with perfumery.

I'll add more as I discover them. For now:

CaronYataganWoody Chypre1976
CartierPasha de Cartier Édition NoireWoody Aromatic2013
CartierSantos de CartierOriental Woody1981
ChanelAntaeusWoody Chypre1981
Frédéric MalleMusc RavageurOriental Spicy2000
GuerlainJickyFougère Aromatic1889
GuerlainVetiverWoody Earthy1961
GuerlainHabit RougeOriental Woody1965
GuerlainHeritageOriental Woody1992
HermesEquipageWoody Chypre1970
HermesEquipage GeraniumChypre Floral2015
HermesRocabarWoody Spicy1998
HermesBel AmiLeather1986
HermesBel Ami VetiverWoody Chypre2013
KnizeKnize TenLeather1924
Serge LutensMuscs Koublai KhanOriental Musky1998
Serge LutensCherguiOriental Woody2005
Serge LutensSantal MajusculeOriental Woody2012
Serge LutensFumerie TurqueOriental2003
Serge LutensFille En AiguillesOriental Spicy2009
Serge LutensDaim BlondLeather2004
Tom FordTobacco OudOriental Woody2013
Tom FordTuscan LeatherLeather2007
Truefitt & HillGraftonWoody Spicy1983

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