Neofetch – Server Administration System

I ssh into a lot of machines. Dozens of times a day. I need a quick way to see the health of the system as soon as I log in and with zero friction. I am obliged to use the one and only tool: neofetch. Neofetch is a pillar of r/unixporn. It is the Altair of aesthetics, the expression of unix swaggery, the very manifestation of what it means to be a unix fan. It is a perfect tool for my ultimate nix flex: the Berkeley Graphics – Server Administration System (SAS).

Berkeley Graphics - Server Administration System
Berkeley Graphics - Server Administration System

As you can see, we have critical system information presented to the terminal user at a glance. Fitted with a fine typeface and a bright industrial-grade color scheme, the SAS offers a bespoke experience of ssh-ing into a machine. Of particular importance is the Memory and Disk usage, greatly enhanced by the bar graph representation for immediate visual capture.

If you'd like to build emulate Berkeley Graphics SAS, please find the attached neofetch configuration file for your perusal. This goes into the ~/.config/neofetch/config.conf location. For a complete visualization extravaganza, Berkeley Mono Typeface can be purchased from our storefront. While it is of decorative nature, it does function as a great way to see what's going on the remote server. The only downside is that neofetch is a little slow and approximately adds 220ms.

Sometimes, it is fine to take a break; decorate your world, systemize your frequent interactions and organize your tools. It is a sign of ardent craftsmanship, we all do it and that's good. I hope I can leave you with some inspiration.

PS – SAS is a bit of tongue-in-cheek, next I need to write an article about my fascination for hyperformalization on this Thought Organization and Publication System (TOPS), aka my blog.

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