The Genius of Reddit

Definition: Application Programming Interface
Definition: Application Programming Interface

Reddit is a place that instantly evokes an end-to-end spectrum of society - quantized and discretized in little blocks of interests called sub-reddits. These communities are can be accessed by sending a GET request to{subreddit_name} using a tool such as Firefox browser. The entire world of Reddit self-links everything including the users as API endpoints. Sending an GET request to{user_name} lands you to the user page.

So what? The special-bit is that they've manage to create a self-documenting navigation system. Bob tells Alice, checkout r/foo. Alice, can just type that in the URL bar of the browser and instantly she is greeted with the community. Communities are literally just called r/foo , for example - r/programminghumor. I think that's pretty clever.

Why isn't the rest of the web like this?

There has to be some downsides? I've gotta be missing something. Anyways, checkout "Designing Web APIs: Building APIs That Developers Love" by Oreilly, you can purchase a copy on az/books/programming.

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