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Sep 2019

I just started writing and took down the old website. I haven't written in a long time and I want to write a little. Setting up a Ghost blog on a small Digital Ocean instance is a breeze. Still working on the design of this blog, I want to get rid of Tachyons CSS which is what I've been using but I don't use 90% of the CSS classes and it ends up taking up 50kB more than it should - yes, that matters. I don't want any Javascript besides what Ghost backend puts it in the page. For some reason I obssess over speed, functionality and design of this blog - who is the audience? Not sure, but it makes me feel better to build something better.

I moved to the bay area in July 2019 (3 months ago at the time of writing) and getting used to the traffic, intense density of people, crime and being careful with locking stuff up, sheer amount of activity in this part of the world is mind numbing. But, I am here now.

After 8 years at Intel in Phoenix and Portland, I've joined an interesting startup - Rigetti Computing. Our team is called "Quantum Software Engineering" and we build internal tools for physicists and engineers who are working on building quantum computers. If you'd like to know about how quantum computers work - I found this guide to be an amazing introduction to qubits: https://arxiv.org/abs/1904.06560

Without going into specific details, I work on all kinds of things - everything from working on ETL tools to real-time robotics, from traditional GUI apps to web-apps, from wrangling with database to building APIs. There is a ton to learn as I pivoted from Mechanical Engineering.

One thing I love is how software development lifecycle incorporates filing issues (Issue tracker) and feedback (PR review) as an integral part of the process. In Mechanical Engineering, these aspects were not as straight forward - Design Reviews were lengthy, often required travel to supplier sites and discovering issues, especially major issues created massive havoc in schedule, cost and plans. So, everything was very rigid and formalized - for a valid reason.

I'll add more things here as time goes by. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out - email link.